Bear was a very sweet dog who was dedicated to his natural role of guardian dog. He wanted to be out of the house and keeping an eye on everything.  Loose, he would  patrol the local hill sides to make sure predators were not causing problems.  He was every inch the working guardian dog and his people came in second to his work. Consequently he was never as close as I wished we would be.  I think this was a case of picking the wrong breed for the personality I wanted in a dog.  I loved him and cared for him.  He in turn gave what he could back in the time he felt he could spare from his guarding animals and property.  Of all the dogs in my life he was the one I was least close to.  Its not his fault though.  He did what he was bred to do and was very sweet.  I just needed more of a companion dog in my life.  When he was three I got my first Irish Wolfhound, Lacey.

Bear died from bone cancer at the age of five.  He was a fine example of his breed, a very sweet tempered dedicated livestock guardian dog.  I wish he had lived out his expected lifespan.

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