Carroy O'Malley
The love of my life and constant companion struck down by congenital heart disease at age 3. I'm completely devastated by this unexpected loss.  All the joy has gone out of my life.

His life

pedigree information/ conformation/ health details



Irish Wolfhound O'Malley
Age 11 months

His life

Carroy O'Malley was born 11 February 2001. His breeder is Lynne Rosebrock of Hounds of Carroy. O"malley was reserved for someone who ended up deciding on a female from a slightly younger litter Lynne had instead.

Meanwhile I lost my hearthound Lacy Too to bone cancer on 21 April 2001. I grieved on the Irish Wolfhound mail list and Dani Duniho took it upon herself to help me find a new hearthound. She contacted Lynne and got the two of us together. O'Malley was just becoming available at that time when his almost owners decided upon a different puppy.

On Friday, May 25th O'Malley came home with me to begin his life with me.

Oh what a puppy he has been! Intelligent, curious, adventurous and not a malicious bone in his body. His training is based upon love, lots and lots of toys and redirection. House breaking took about 2 days, though I made sure to rouse him out of bed and take him out back first thing in the morning for about two months. There are about 8 steps on the front porch. At first we walked them very slowly together but within a week he was walking them by himself. He learned quickly that he had the run of the house, my bed and the couch.

The furniture got a covering of Bitter Apple lotion at puppy level and after a first lick has been left alone. Instead his chewies have been cow hooves, soft dogie toys, a big pull rope left over from Jake and Lacy's puppy hoods and large rawhide rolls without knots at the ends. He loved the rawhide rolls best. I eliminated them from his toy selection after his adult teeth came in and he could tear one apart in about 10 minutes. I did not want him swallowing large chunks of rawhide. But when he still had his puppy teeth a roll was good for a couple days worth of chewing before I took it up.

He and I were walking the same general direction after a couple days of leash training and I started him on short daily walks. At 20 weeks we started in puppy school. He loved it and graduated with honours being the only puppy to maintain a 15 minute down stay in his class.

At 6 months of age he went on his first Land Rover camping trip. We camped along the Northern California and Oregon costs for a week. He is taking to camping well. He requires more supervision than Lacy did but Lacy had spent a good year of her life actually out Land Rover camping.

When not out camping O'Malley and I try to go out for a long walk along the beach each day. I try to get to Light House field or Beach at least once a month. These are dog friendly areas in the City of Santa Cruz where dogs are allowed to play off leash mornings and afternoons.


Special Note:

There are two special people who made it possible for O'Malley and I to be together. Without their help I would still be without a dog and O'Malley would have found a home someplace else. Leah Bradshaw and Dani Duniho Have been officially designated as O'Malley's Aunties with all right and privileges of Auntieship.

You both have caused my life to become a lot brighter and I thank you very much!

Special Note #2:

It pleases me to note that O'Malley and Lacy Too are related. O'Malley's maternal Grandmother, Carroy Victoria Secret, is virtually a full sister to Lacy Too's Maternal Grandfather, Fleetwind Guinness McKenna. Both share the same sire and their dams are full sisters.

I very much appreciate having part of Lacy Too in O'Malley.


Pedigree information/ Conformation/ Health details

Carroy O'Malley

Born: 11, February 2001

Died: June 23 2004  from congenital heart disease.  Note a littermate brother of his died Oct. 2004 for a different heart problem.

Breeder: Lynne Rosebrock of Mariposa, California

Carroy O'Malley:

Erinwood Xaltare of Kerryarc

This animal was taken during a dog show and has not been seen since.

Xecel Fionmae


Beg CH Neath Ch Lux Ch
Quincy of Kilmara

Geasa's Kaelity

Maeverik's Wallflower

Bis Ch Ger Ch Int. Ch
Maevrick's Zippy Zodiak

Rove Von Der Oelmuhle

Marumac Esmeralda at Erinwood

Red Tops Storm King

Marumac Coromandel

Red Tops Katerina

Erinwood Driella of Marumac

Marumac Coromandel

Erinwood Misty Isle Whysper

Carroy Visa Gold

Died at 7 years of age

Noinin Cnoc Noll of Limerick

Grianan Ladd of Limerick

Starkeeper's Ard Darby Grianan

Kellcastle Alain Banselgare

Bailebrae Kariad

Fitzerran Japer

Fitzerran Madara O'Bailebrae

Carroy Victoria Secret

Dieter Von Der Oelmuhle
Died 6 yr, Heart

BIS Ch Ger. Ch Int.
Maevrick's Zippy Zodiak

Longleg's Brid

Fleetwind Carroy Vanessa CD

Fleetwind Magnum

Fleetwind Bonniebrae Magic died 12 yrs



O'Malley grew by stages with what appear to be structural faults showing up with one growth spurt then disappearing during his next growth spurt. At 8 months of age his skeletal structure finally started looking like it all belonged to the same dog and he has started to carry his very long tail off the ground. He finally started growing into his ears and extra long tail. At one year of age, my only structural concern is that his rear body tracks slightly to the right of his front body while he runs. His rear legs have tracked offset to the the front since I got him and I suspect it is a real structural fault that will stay with him. One of his testicles never matured.  It is there, descended but juvenile in size.  This means he is not showable. However he is first and foremost my best friend and constant companion and these faults do not detract from that or affect his daily life.

Personality wise he is a happy, outgoing intelligent boy. Curious and easily bored by the same old toys two days in a row. There is no hint of a malicious bone in his body. During our walks, he is almost daily set upon by strange children intent upon providing hugs and pets. He loves the attention. Every dog he sees is a potential playmate, every person a potential petter. You could not ask for a nicer outgoing personality.


Health Details:

So far he is the very picture of good health and has never had a sick day. My vet is a little concerned that his heart rate seems to be a little on the high side of what she expects (around 140) but says it could well be from the excitement of vet visits. He is an eager eater only too happy to try strange treats from any source (Yes there can be several stories here)

In June 2004 O'Malley went downhill rapidly and was having laboured breathing.  An emergency vet visit showed normal electrolyte balance, high white cell count and a heart rate of 180 plus.  An ultrasound scan showed a very abnormal heart shape.  The cavity where is heart and lungs are was full of fluid making for laboured breathing.  The vet referred to his condition as advanced congenital heart disease.  On the doctors advice I had him put to sleep.   I had just lost my very best friend in the world and constant companion.  Thinking back on his life, tell tale signs of a poor heart were there.  A high heart beat every time he want to the vets.  Sometimes breaking into heavy panting from just  laying on his side for a while and him seeming to loose interest in strenuous play within 5 minutes of starting when the other dogs he was playing with were still at it.  While he had explosive initial energy it was gone in just a couple minutes.   Otherwise he was the picture of robust health.  I'm supervised my own heart goes on beating with a fresh Wolfhound sized hole in it.  He was just entering his adult prime.  We were supposed to have several more years together.  Instantly all the joy of life has fled with my dearest friend and constant companion.



Carroy O'Malley's Sire: Erinwood Xaltare of Kerryarc "Kiefer", a brindle.


Carroy O'Malley's Dam: Ch. Carroy Visa Gold "Visa", a red wheaten.

And O'Malley himself:


Irish Wolfhound

O'Malley at the "Little Grand Canyon" in the San Rafiel Swell in Utah, 2002 During a 3 week Land Rover camping trip.

Irish Wolfhound
O'malley settled with his friend Bart. 7/02

Dog & cat day afternoon.  O'malley with friends Bart and Manfred

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