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Yes, Prints for all the pictures shown here are for sale

All my prints are custom made from the original transparency or negative to achieve the highest level of detail as possible. I use the highest quality materials to provide you with an image that you can enjoy for many years.

The print that you receive will be vastly more detailed than the representations that appear on your computer screen. The computer representations are 72 dots per inch. The original images were made using very fine grain film in either 6X7 cm or 4X5 inch formats. This provides a print with a much higher level of detail than is possible using state of the art digital processes.

The colours in the actual print will differ slightly from what you see on your computer screen. The print may also be slightly darker or lighter. While each print is carefully colour balanced for accuracy and optimized for viewing, each computer monitor has individual characteristics that affect the colour palate that it displays, the contrast and the brightness. Unfortunately, there is no way to share images over the web so that they will display exactly the same on all monitors.

Types of photographs: Three types of films were used to photograph the images in this site. Black and white is used to ad a "period look " to the American Civil War collection. Most of the colour photographs in this site were made on transparency film. Transparency film has the advantage of being able to produce more intense colours and a higher level of contrast. Negative film on the other hand can capture delicate lower contrast nuances and can handle a wider range of light than transparency film.

You can tell which kind of film was used to capture an image by looking at the letter suffix on the image catalogue number. N = colour negative, T = transparency film and B = black and white negative film.

Prints made from colour negatives are printed on Kodak type - C glossy paper. The result is a print that shows the subtle variations in colour and brightness with increased shadow detail.

Prints made from transparencies are printed on Ilfachrome paper. Ilfachrome provides the highest level of archivability. It produces a high contrast vivid image that emphasizes the red and yellow ends of the spectrum.

Black and white images are printed on Kodak fiber based paper to produce the best quality print with the highest archival properties.

Any photographic material is affected by light, especially direct sunlight and florescent lights that have high levels of UV light. Prints will last longer if they are hung out of direct sunlight and if artificial illumination is provided by incandescent lighting. Special conservation glass is available that absorbs more than 97% of damaging UV light. I recommend framing photographic images using this glass.

Matting: My colour prints come triple matted and ready for framing. The mats are carefully selected to best enhance each photograph. Black and white prints come double matted in white. Each mat is bevel cut by hand from museum quality 100% cotton rag mat board.

Photograph size: The "size" refers to the size of the photographic paper used to make the print. The top mats overlap the edges of the print to keep it mounted flat against the base mat. This means that the viewable area of the print will be just slightly smaller than the photographic paper size. The overall mat size is the next larger standard photograph size. For instance an 11X16 print will be mounted in mats that are 20 X 24. The proper frame size would be 20 X 24.

Pricing: I am keeping my prices as low as possible so as to make the prints affordable by as many people as possible. Prices are in U.S. dollars and do not include shipping nor import duties. I welcome orders from outside the United states.    Yahoo currency conversion    UPS shipping calculator (My zip code is 95012)

Print size

Matt size


11 x14

16 x 20

$ 95

16 x 20

20 x 24

$ 150

20 x 24

24 x 30



At this time I can only take cheques, money orders or PayPal. Please make your cheque out to Marigold Ltd.  Note that if you pay by personal check your custom print will not be produced until after the check clears.  Be sure to state the catalog number and print size of each print that you wish to purchase.

Please fell free to contact us about purchases.

Mail your order to:

Marigold Ltd.
Attn: TeriAnn Wakeman
15959 Castriville Blvd.
Castroville, CA 95012


Delivery: Your image will be custom produced when we receive your order or wen your personal check clears. Generally this takes 8 to 10 days. Unless you request otherwise, I use UPS surface delivery.


Thank you for your support.

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