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I Lost most of my personal pictures and memorabilia to mildew back in the late seventies when I had a lot of stuff in storage. Here are the pictures of me that survived storage plus some newer ones.

Me, Michael & his dog

Me visiting my cousin Michael and his dog. I do not look too excited about the experience.
Age about 1-1/2 or so


My Uncle Jasper, Aunt Beulah, Grandma Jose and me on my first tricycle
Age, about 3


6th grade school picture


Showing off my new coat . My Grandma had a big issue with the length of my skirt


Christmas 1970. My grandma had given up talking to me about the length of my skirts


Looking at Monterey bay plankton samples. I was a student at the Moss Landing Marine Lab. My normal marine lab outfit was wet suit bottoms over a Speedo swim suit and an inverse leopard spot poncho.


TeriAnn Standing in back of the Green Rover
Photo by John R. Benham '98

Showing off the back of the Green Rover at the Portland All British Field meet. That is Lacey, my Irish Wolfhound laying down.


Tailgate's eye view of me standing inside the rear of The Green Rover - 1998


Photo stop while on the trail. - 1999


Me taking a picture in Monument Valley 1999.  I visited the four corners area at least once a year between 1994 and 1999 when I got sick.


Photo by Bud Rolofson '00

Me standing behind Kas Kastner during his tech session at the 2000 VTR national convention. He was fielding a humorous question from a member of the Audience.  I had been ill for about a year and had picked up a lot of weight from not being able to exercise.


Sitting on 1060 Land Rover Dormobile

I finally got talked into getting pictures takes of me with The Green Rover in 2004. After 3-1/2 years of not being able to get exercise, I had recovered enough for vigorous exercise and the weight is finally starting to come off.


Standing by Triumph TR3A
Me posing behind my 1961 Triumph TR3A in 2006.  I have owned my TR for 20 years now.


Some additional pictures appeared:


My Mother's school picture (Donna May Wakeman)


My mom, taken late 1940's


My Father's high school picture (Willian Seymour Wakeman)



My Father before being shipped out to the Pacific early 1942



My father and his first cousin, Betty Lee Williams.  Betty Lee and my mom were high school friends.



Ester Arleta Bonfoey,   my Grandmother on my mother's side.
My Maternal grandfather, Donald Jay Sease, died in a plane crash before my mother was born.


Grandma Ester 1927

1927 school basketball uniform

Grandma Ester's high school picture wearing her school letter sweater.  She was on the Clark S.D. basket ball team for four years




My paternal grandparents (late 1930's or early 1940's)
Oliver and Josie Wakeman

Oliver Richard Wakeman, 25 Aug 1901 - 16 Junw 1981
Josie Lenora Williams born1905 in Missouri



My paternal great grand parents on my Grandmother's side
William E. Williams and Cordelia C. Williams

William E. Williams born 1870 in Missouri
Cordelia C. Williams born 1872 in Missouri



My paternal great Grandparents on my fathers side
Seymour and Jennie Wakeman

Seymour Wakeman, born in New York, 1873 Father from Virginia, mother from New York
Jennie Wakeman, born in Whales, 1873, immigrated 1989. Both her parents from Whales
one of 6 children (5 boys, 1 daughter)



     TeriAnn Jennifer Wakeman

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