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These are some sayings that I have collected that have special meaning to me and that help me steer my course through life. I thought I might share them with you.

For those on society's main paths these can be highly rebellious thoughts. But like other thoughts, they are nothing if not acted upon.

Sayings for Thought

Frustrations are nothing more than mismanaged expectations or opportunities not taken. Be aware of changes going on around you. Anticipate events likely to happen and position yourself and your expectations in such a way as to take the best advantage of change.

Many of us try to live on other people's dreams and do not succeed. You will seldom find happiness trying to live up to lifestyles and expectations created by marketing people, your parents or your peer group. Build your own dream and live it.

Our daily routines create the trenches in which we live. As we run endless daily repetitions, the trench gets deep enough that we can no longer see the possibilities outside of what we have dug for ourselves. The deeper the trench, the more frightening the universe outside looks. While knowing what to expect each moment brings comfort and the feeling of safety it is also the shackles that bind us and blinds us to other paths. It never hurts to frequently take a step outside that trench and look around.

Most of our dreams are betrayed by our own actions, or lack of them, not by others. It takes effort to live your dreams. They will never become real if all you do is dream them.

How can life grant us the boon of living if we do not dare to live?

Godot is sessile. You will never obtain the things you want in life by passively waiting for them to find you. If you have not, read the the play "Waiting for Godot".

Life is hard enough without making it harder for others. We are all in it together so why not make life a little easier for others around you while you are at it. You will find that by doing so life is a little easier for you as well.

And of course,

Life's too short to drink bad wine or not to drive a roadster!
(not at the same time mind you)

     TeriAnn Jennifer Wakeman

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